The Death of a Blog

April 19, 2013 — Leave a comment

I have good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first? That’s what I thought! so I will start with the bad news. This blog is dying. Calm down, I know all three of you are very upset, but have no fear there are brighter days in our future. This is the start of a great transition and many great things that are in store for us!

I am transitioning my writing to a new blog which you can find at You may be asking yourself “Why?” and I applaud your curiosity! We will be moving to the new site for a few reasons, I am ready for a domain name change. I think using much better represents the content compared to

Also, I am going to be re-focusing and making more directed content. Being a child and youth worker much of my job is focused on relationships and how people interact together. I want to help people to have better relationships and encourage and humour people through my perspectives on relationships. At you will be able to hear the many funny stories about me fumbling my way through marriage and I hope to foster discussions about marriage and relationships.

Another major reason for the change, here comes the good news, I am wiritng a book! I am currently finalizing the content for the book, using some past blog posts that were pretty successful, I will be re-writing past content as well as creating some top-notch new content for your reading pleasure.

Why a book Stephen? Well, that answer is simple! I wanted a new challenge. I have been blogging for over two years now and I was looking at venturing into new areas, I have been putting out more video content on youtube and I thought it would be a great idea to challenge myself to create a book! I am very excited about my book and how it is turning out so far and I hope that you get excited about it as well! If you head over to you can find out how to get a free copy of the book for yourself!

I look forward to bring you fun, encouraging and hopefully funny content we will just be meeting at a new place! Thanks for reading, and why not take some time now to head on over to and check it out for yourself!

The sun is beating down on you, it is high noon in the middle of summer and you are caught in the heat of battle. You have a sense that you are surrounded on all sides and the enemy is closing in on you. It is time to make a run for it guns blazing! Water guns, that is, I forgot to mention you are 12 in this scenario.

Water gun battles were a staple of my childhood and I am sure they played a part in yours as well! At different points of my childhood though, my water gun was broken and my parents would not go out and buy me a new one. (What kind of parenting is that?!?!?) As I was between weapons, was I just going to let the battles go by? Not a chance! It was time to think of alternative weapons.

I could grab some balloons but the amount of time it took to prepare water balloons severely outweighed the benefits of actually using the water balloons in battle. Thus, I was left with an empty Ketchup bottle. Rinse it out, fill ‘er up and you are ready for battle! You always wanted to make sure it was fully rinsed out so nobody got shot in the eye with diluted ketchup, which burns!

It worked petty good, when it was full. You could get some good distance, but you had a limited supply of water and no way of pressurizing the bottle. In a pinch, however, it did the trick and was a part of many water battles in my childhood.

What are some ways you had to be creative as a child?
(Let me know in the comments below!)

Jen, Sarah and I went for a quick ski trip to finish off March Break! It was great to get back on the hill, it had been 6 years since I had last been on skis!

Screenshot_2013-03-20-19-24-42Earlier this week I was contemplating my use of Evernote as I was starting to think it was redundant for me to be using it as well as Google Drive. As of today Google has provided me with a solution, making Evernote dead to the world! Or maybe just my world… Google has just launched their new note app Google Keep.

In a week where they announced the death of Google Reader, Googlers like myself needed something to brighten our spirits! Finally there is a solution like Evernote and Springpad which fits nicely into the Google ecosystem. Obviously, being the first release there are going to be many things people complain about but the app will change and grow over time. All in all I like where this is headed! Thanks Google!

Will you be using this latest service provided by Google?
(Let me know in the comments below!)

Jen gave me a gift certificate to Niagara Freefall Indoor Sky Diving for Christmas, I got to fly for 6 minutes! Here is my flight video I put together, Jen recorded it!